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The Environmental Destruction of South Florida, edited by William Ross McCluney, published in 1971

A limited number of copies of the 1990 seventh printing of this 1971 book are being made newly available for a limited time only by the book's editor through SunPine Press.

This is NOT a used book, but the original, first edition of THE ENVIRONMENTAL DESTRUCTION OF SOUTH FLORIDA published by the University of Miami Press.

The book is a collection of essays about the environmental problems of South Florida as of 1971, including chapters on environmental activism by James and Polly Redford and addtional ones by Joe Browder and Judith Wilson of the National Audubon Society.

A chapter by naturalist Frank C. Craighead, Sr. (father of twin brothers Frank Cooper Craighead, Jr. and John Craighead, prolific nature authors) provides early glimpses of South Florida before it became inundated with people and technology.

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