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The Environmental Destruction of South Florida 


1. The Spaceship Earth, by C. R. Tillis

2. Is Man Destroying South Florida? by F. C. Craighead

3. The Future of South Florida's Salt and Freshwater Resources, by Arthur R. Marshall

4. There is More to the Glades than Meets the Eye, by Al Volker

5. Algae and Aerojet, by Gene Marine

6. The Everglades, the Jetport, and the Future, by Joe Browder

7. The Population Explosion in Dade County, by E. R. Rich

8. Population Control in South Florida, by Joyce Tarnow

9. The Solution to Pollution, by Ross McCluney

10. Water Pollution Problems in Dade County, by Peter P. Baljet

11. Air Pollution Problems in South Florida, by Ross McCluney

12. The Automobile: Servant of Master? by Felipe J. Prestamo

13. Dependence on the Auto Multiplies the Problems of Dade County, by Juanita Greene

14. Solid Waste Disposal Problems in South Florida, by Ross McCluney

15. A New Concept of the Value of Land, by Judith and Ross McCluney

16. An Architect Looks at Miami, by Lester C. Pancoast

18. Environmental Decision-Making, by Virginia Hine

19. Political Ecotactics in South Florida, by James Redford

20. Groups Working to Save South Florida, by Polly Redford

21. Individual Action, by Judith Voliner Wilson

22. A Few Concluding Remarks, by Ross McCluney

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