Planned New Books

The books currently available from SPP are intended for adult readers. The world we leave will be inherited by the children, in whatever form we leave it to them. Children are the ones most involved in the paradigm shift, and the ones with the greatest stake in its outcome. Babies are the most powerful learning engines the world has yet devised. Born inquisitive and curious, they rapidly explore the world around them, touching, tasting, feeling, seeing, and hearing. The child's natural desire for learning must be supported, encouraged, and amplified—especially as they begin relating to the Earth from which we all were born.

SPP has a strong interest in developing appropriate new environmental books and other learning materials for children over a range of ages. If you have or know about age-appropriate materials describing the Earth's functioning in a way that children will find interesting, exciting, and easy-to-understand and if you are interested in supporting this endeavor, please contact us.


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